News Archive – 2015

Journal of Screenwriting Special Edition on Adaptation

The new edition of the Journal of Screenwriting,  co-edited by Shannon Wells-Lassagne (Université de Bretagne Sud) and Isabelle Roblin (Université du Littoral), includes a number of articles that reframe debates on screenwriting and adaptation, through studies of both fields of study, and a number of useful case-studies. Articles are authored by a number of prominent scholars in screenwriting and adaptation including Thomas Leitch, Jamie Sherry, and Paul Wells. These articles consider the specifics of screenwriting adaptations, the effect of manuals on the writing of adapted screenplays, the question of authorship in screenwriting and film adaptation, methods of transferring problematic literary devices (point of view, first-person narration) to the screen, case studies of different adaptations and their transformations from the literary to the screen text to the screen, the replacement of the idea of adaptation with an understanding of a more dynamic and fluid process of scripting the screen idea, and the ‘institutional effect’ on adaptation, of commissioning policy, of gatekeeping and of the work of the Screen Idea Work Group.

Questionnaire: 10th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference

Circa 100 delegates completed a questionnaire at the beginning of the 10th Annual Association of Adaptation Conference (Senate House, London, 24-25 September) asking for a favourite all-time and recent (within 10 years) adaptation.

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10th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference

The final programme for the 2015 Association of Adaptation Studies conference is now available. Among the keynote speakers are screenwriter Andrew Davies, former Head of BBC Drama, Jonathan Powell and critic and author Graham Holderness.

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