Screening Modern Irish Fiction and Drama

screeningirishcoverEdited by R. Barton Palmer and Marc C. Conner

  • Provides a new view of how Irishness has been brought to the screen
  • Offers 12 original essays focusing on major works of Irish fiction and drama that have been adapted for film
  • Features leading scholars in film, literary and adaptation studies

This book offers the first comprehensive discussion of the relationship between Modern Irish Literature and the Irish cinema, with twelve chapters written by experts in the field that deal with principal films, authors, and directors. This survey outlines the influence of screen adaptation of important texts from the national literature on the construction of an Irish cinema, many of whose films because of cultural constraints were produced and exhibited outside the country until very recently. Authors discussed include George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Liam O’Flaherty, Christy Brown, Edna O’Brien, James Joyce, and Brian Friel. The films analysed in this volume include The Quiet ManThe InformerMajor BarbaraThe Girl with Green EyesMy Left FootThe Picture of Dorian Gray, The Snapper, and Dancing at Lughnasa. The introduction features a detailed discussion of the cultural and political questions raised by the promotion of forms of national identity by Ireland’s literary and cinematic establishments.

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