Publication: Derrida | Benjamin: Two Plays for the Stage

Derrida | Benjamin. Two Plays for the Stage 

-The first-ever stage plays about Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin-

Within the work of both Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin there is a buried theatricality, a theatre to-come. And, in the last fifteen years, there has been a growing awareness of this theatricality. To date, though, there has not been a published stage play about either Derrida or Benjamin. Cue Derrida| Benjamin, a volume that brings together two tragi-comic plays which mirror each other in a host of ways – above all, in the way that the central philosophical figure is displaced, or not quite where or when we would expect to find them. In Derrida’s case, it is Oxford in 1968;  in Benjamin’s case, it is somewhere (or nowhere) near London in 1948. These, then, are plays in which the philosopher is exiled, or elsewhere – not quite himself.

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