AAS Conference 2018

Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference 2018
Facts: True, Alternative, Evolving
with a special focus on Entertainment Franchises
The University of Amsterdam | 27-28 September 2018

Confirmed Keynotes:
Anthony Horowitz, author, TV and film writer, journalist
Professor James Chapman (University of Leicester, UK)
Professor Christine Geraghty (Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Glasgow)

The programme for the 2018 Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference is available here.

We live in a ‘post truth’ world populated by ‘alternative facts’. Both terms are politically, narratively and aesthetically resonant as applied to, and in conversation with, adaptation studies. The 2018 Association for Adaptation Studies annual conference reflects on questions of truth, untruth and post-truth in the context of adaptation studies, as well as on the meaning and applications of facts, ‘true’, ‘alternative’ and ‘evolving’.

In considering the current status of truth in concert with adaptation studies, we might ask to what extent adaptations may be considered a genre of alternative fact, diverging creatively, or purposefully; clarifying and/or distorting attention from an ‘original’. Can an adaptation be a truer version of a particular story or idea than its ostensible source, and are degrees of truth admissible across the versioning of a story? More generally, might it be the case that the contemporary attachment to adaptations expresses something particularly germane to the concerns and priorities of a post-truth global society?

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