The Centre for Adaptations


The Centre for Adaptations brings together academics from Drama, English, Film Studies and New Media.

It hosts the journal, Adaptation (Oxford University Press) and the book series, Screen Adaptations (Methuen and Norton). The Centre organises workshops across universities in Europe and North America, offers lectures during an annual cultural events week, and manages the annual Association of Literature on Screen Studies conference, which has taken place in Leicester, Atlanta, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Istanbul.

The adaptation-orientated Humanities MA is offered through the Centre at De Montfort University.

The Director for the Centre for Adaptations is currently Professor Deborah Cartmell.

New Publications
  • I.Q. Hunter, British Trash Cinema, BFI, 4 October 2013.
  • Dominic Shellard (ed). “Shakespeare and Japan”, Special Issue, Shakespeare 9 (4), 2013.
  • Thomas Van Parys and I.Q. Hunter (eds). Science Fiction Across Media: Adaptation/Novelization, 2013. Includes a chapter by Dr Jamie Sherry.
  • Deborah Cartmell (ed). A Companion to Literature, Film and Adaptation, 2012. Includes chapters by Deborah Cartmell, Yvonne Griggs, James Russell and Imelda Whelehan.

For further information visit the Centre’s Homepage.

Photo: Christopher Bruno